12/28/2022  AVB

I get it.  Time is valuable.  So why should you join AmericanVeteranBusiness.com (AVB)?
Take the time to read this. It has information that will help you whether you join or not. 
I started building directory websites eight years ago.  My first site was a Veteran business style site, still operates today and brought thousands of Veterans together in a certain niche.  Many of these Veteran businesses were unknown.  Now, they are known nationally.  They thrived.
I have built these sites for towns, cities, counties and organizations.  My goals has always been to highlight the business and help them to be seen so that people will remember to shop with them.  I knew that cutting edge technologies would be needed but at first it was very expensive to incorporate these technologies.  But as my business grew, I invested everything back into my sites.  I brought in "marketing automation."  If you are unfamiliar with marketing automation, this is technology that everyone wants and needs.  Most are just unaware of it or saw it years ago when it once was expensive.  Watch the video below for a glimpse.  We incorporate this into our sites to help drive traffic to you.  You can say that we are masters at building directory websites.
Social media.  You may notice that we post several times on our social media.  The goal is a continuous flow of Veteran businesses.  This is automated which gives us time to build and grow.  Imagine if we rarely posted, you would think that we don't care or worse, we are no longer operating.  We own many facebook pages across the country reaching out to military families and Veterans.  We share AVB across the nation. 
If you would like to know how to automate your social media, we can help.
There are other organizations and sites for Veteran businesses.  Many of them, you have to be a member to see the businesses.  This makes it harder for everyone to shop from you.  Many of those other organizations have outdated businesses.  They are closed and have been for years.  We have a system to keep our site updated.  We are not taking away from any organizations, we are only adding to the Veteran community. 
Listings.  If you are unaware of what local SEO and "listings" are,  you must know this.  I call "listings" the foundation of your Digital presence.  There are numerous websites that share your business.  You may be unaware of them.  This may include Google, Yelp, social media, the Better Business Bureau and National Chamber of Commerce.  Listings are your business name, address and phone number (NAP).  Google and other search engines use your NAP from all of these sites to determine if your business is open, accurate and trusted. They do not want tons of closed businesses to show up in searches.  As a business owner, you must ensure that your listings are updated.  You can scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see "How is my business performing online."  Get a free report today that shows you where you stand.  Most businesses see an increase in search engine traffic after updating their listings.  
AVB is a directory.  It is heavily infused with SEO.  It is a place that can show up for you in Google searches.  It gives your business credibility that you are a business that is open & veteran owned.  It is a place where your NAP resides.   
Some do not have a website.  Your listing on AVB can serve as your website if you need it.  You can showcase all of your social media channels as well.  Use your link on your Yelp page, facebook page and anywhere else where you need to be able to share your business.  It will help you with credibility rather than having no site to learn more. 
Got a story about your business?  Want to tell everyone how you got stated?  Want to educate people on your products or services?  We can share it on AVB.  This is very important for your SEO as well.  Search engines will see your business name, keywords and links on other sites.  Your website address on our site creates what is known in the SEO world as a "backlink."   Backlinks help you to increase your visibility on search engines.  This is why we suggest that you put your business on as many websites as possible.  Just keep track of them so that you can update them when changes are needed.  You will have to email the story to us but we can have it posted within 24 hours. 
Do you have an event for your business?  Do you work with other Veterans and organizations?  You can share events on AVB.  Just login and select add event.  
No matter where you are at, there are Veterans who would love to buy goods and services from a fellow Veteran in business. We intend to ensure that Veterans know that they can find you on AVB.  You can help to.  Share your listing on your social media.  Encourage fellow Veterans in business that you know to join.
Yes, I have a marketing agency. No, I am not looking to add you as a client. As I run AVB, I believe it will be fair to offer it to all Veterans, including those who have marketing agencies or are free lancers.  I want them to succeed as well.  As I get to know their capabilities, I will more than likely send you to them.  If you need help or advisement, I do offer free advisement.  At least you will know what are effective methods to market your business are and technologies that can help.  
If you have any questions or would like to set up a zoom call, use the contact us button at the bottom of the page to start the conversation. 
I look forward to seeing your business on AVB and learning more about what you do.   
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