6/16/2022  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com
I have an acquaintance who used to own a business.
This gentleman owned a thriving business.  He is well known and respected.  I admired him.
He sold his business for millions of dollars and got bored.  So now, a natural thing to do would become a coach.  A business coach.
Awesome huh?
One day, he gave a speech about his coaching.  You know, one of those speeches intended to motivate you but really was about impressing you enough to buy his coaching.  Those are ok to me as sometimes I can pull some golden nuggets of advice.
The problem was, I listened.
In the beginning, this gentleman started a HVAC - heating and ventilation business.   He struggled.  He took on business partners and they stole from him.  He was ready to give up.  He almost lost it all.  He lost his wife, dog and if this was a country song, he would have lost his truck.
But one day, he got asked to provide a quote for a building to provide services in a long term contract.  HE WON!  In fact, he got that contract and the building owners were so happy, they had more buildings that they asked him to take on.  He worked those contracts for many years.  In fact, that led to even more business as he was referred to others who needed his services.  He became a multi-millionaire!  After 20 years he sold his company.
Great story right?  I like good stories like that.   It's impressive. 
After his speech, he allowed a question and answer session.  The very first question asked was, "How much did you advertise or how much did you spend on advertising, digital marketing, etc..."
His answer blew me away.  He is now a coach.  A business coach.  His response was, "I don't believe in advertising, word of mouth is all that you need."
Dude.  He literally was struggling until he won a contract that some would say is luck. His whole situation was luck.  Luck of the draw.  So now he is going to tell a group of business owners, many who are struggling already, that all that they need is 'word of mouth?'  Seriously? 
Now I feel sorry for all those that pay him for coaching.  Sure, you may find some golden nuggets.  But if your business coach tells you not to do any marketing, I would run away.  
Yes, I am a business coach.  I essentially coach people on how to do marketing themselves.  There are key things that one must do to ensure that their business can thrive.  This isn't 1990, 2000, or even 2010.  This is 2022.  If you aren't doing marketing, you are going to have a rough time ahead as your competition is definitely taking advantage of marketing. 
So what can you do?  Here is a simple digital analysis that shows you everything about your online presence and what you can do.  It even coaches you on how to fix everything. You don't even have to pay for the coaching.  Once you see it, you can't 'un-see' it.  Normally this analysis costs $350 bucks.  Why? There is a great amount of work done to create it.  You get the full results in 24 hours.  There is no obligation to buy anything.  
This digital analysis is the very first thing I do when I get approached by a business owner for help.  Without it, I cannot provide clear and sound advice.  I get 500 businesses per month to take advantage of this.  I can go to sleep knowing that I helped 6000 businesses per year. 
You know what they say about 'knowing!' - Millennials may not get that one.