2/3/2024  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com

Veteran Trash Talk Hour Ep147 - WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW
Connect veterans to share stories, promote businesses, and talk trash! So grab your beer or mixed drink and enjoy the show. Doesn't matter the service or MOS get on there and talk trash! If you are a veteran with a business go on our page and we will promote if for you for free!
Everyone involved with Veteran Trash Talk, LLC is committed to preventing veteran suicide by offering a network of resources and support in a community of shared understanding. Our main goal is to have fun, promote veteran-owned businesses, and help veterans who are out of work. Everyone is invited to help understand the veteran culture and become an active part of the solution. #comedy #veterans #veterancomics #humor #medicine #holistic
The team welcomes Mike Nelson Vietnam Veteran and Author! The team at Veteran Trash Talk is here to promote veteran owned ANYTHING! We need your help and support by watching and also sharing!!!!!

#americanveteranbusiness #discoverfortliberty #veterantrashtalk

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