9/2/2023  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com

Watch the video below to learn about the Veterans Defense Project. 
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Mission and Vision

Co-founded by criminal defense attorneys and veterans Ryan Else and Brock Hunter, the Veterans Defense Project is a response to the crisis of veterans returning from war and turning to criminal behavior manifested in self-destructive, reckless, and violent behavior. We must help them break this cycle of trauma.

We believe that defending veterans can be among the most rewarding experiences a defense attorney can have. We can help repay our nation’s debt to these heroes for their services and sacrifice. The VDP will continue to ensure our veterans receive as vigorous a defense in the courtroom as they provide our nation on the battlefield.

MISSION: Restoring veterans involved in the criminal justice system to the communities they served.

VISION: A culturally competent criminal justice system that ensures veterans get the holistic services and supports they have earned to help them succeed in the communities they served.

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