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@DestinationEverywhere and @dqadventure were created to chronicle our family's memories of traveling while living in Stuttgart, Germany for four and a half years (2016 - 2020).


Face it-- travelling can be expensive. So expensive in fact that the costs can seem too much to bear. Well, there is good news! With a few simple tricks and travel hacks, you can start traveling more for less.

Whether you're going to the beach to relax, the city to see the sights or the country to take in the fresh air-- find out how you can get the most out of your travel. Taking kids? We take our two everywhere and learned how to strike a delicate balance between keeping them happy while still soaking in all that our holiday has to offer!
Swabia was a near perfect location to reach most of Europe, so we used every opportunity to travel to locations such as France, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Croatia and much more.
We returned to the USA for just under 2 years (2021-2022) and did a little traveling. In late 2022 we were offered another opportunity to live in Europe-- this time in Brussels, Belgium. Now we're taking everything we learned and applying it for Destination:Everywhere 2.0.
We travel by car 🚗, plane, ✈️, and train 🚆 to see as much of Europe as possible.
From historic sites to beautiful cities and from country mountains to gorgeous beaches, we pack it all in -- and rather inexpensively.
We're big fans of AirBnB and Booking.com for our lodging; TrainlineEU, EasyJet and Ryan Air for traveling and we do a lot of driving. We appreciate our friends and fans for watching our videos!
CW3 Joshua Harvey (R) & family brings the world to you!  
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We are not a travel agency. However, our blogs and videos do offer some great advice on how to save money and travel more. 
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