12/18/2022  Elena Stewart

Traditional Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Your Advantage

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, whether you own a grocery store or are a self-employed writer, so it’s essential to think about what your specific needs are at the moment and do some research on marketing methods. Because technology has made it possible to easily reach a wide audience, many business owners overlook some of the more traditional ways to spread the word about their services, but these can make a significant difference when paired with newer methods. Utilizing flyers, billboards, and other signage can go a long toward helping you make the most of your marketing strategy. Here’s how.

Take Another Look at Your Branding

These days, it’s fairly easy to create an informative, professional website for a business that helps customers learn more about you and what you’re offering. When it comes to traditional marketing methods, however, it’s necessary to think about how to get a lot of important information across in a much smaller format, such as a flyer. How can you distill the most crucial messages from your business onto a billboard? The key is branding. Do you have a catchy slogan? A strong logo that helps you stand out from your competition while allowing potential clients to remember you? These elements are crucial within any marketing strategy, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a designer to create a logo; instead, find an online logo maker that will allow you to customize a template using different icons, text, and colors.

Create a Mailing List

A great branding strategy will also come in handy when you’re ready to branch out with your marketing choices, perhaps by sending out postcards to existing clients offering new services or reminding them of an upcoming appointment. It doesn’t have to be a complicated design; a simple card with your logo on one side and a note on the other can go a long way. This is a great marketing method for adding a bit of personalization, which can boost customer loyalty. You can also make your website feel more personal by adding photos of yourself, your staff, and your office.

Merge the Traditional with Technology

Keeping existing clients is ideal, but how do you find new ones? By merging traditional marketing methods with newer ones, you can double your exposure by utilizing tools like geotargeted ads. For instance, if your goal is to set up a billboard in a particular location in order to draw customers in, you can boost the strength of that signage by combining it with a social media ad that’s geographically targeted to match up with it. Not only that, but you can also hide an ad from your competitors if you don’t want them to see what you’re up to.

Go to Print

When it comes to advertising, newspapers used to be one of the highest sought-after resources for businesses, and they can still be beneficial even in our digital age. Newspaper ads are very cost-efficient these days, and you can tie in a print campaign with your digital one by negotiating ad space on the newspaper publisher’s website. Just make sure your own site is optimized for clients once they land on it by creating a blog, adding beneficial video content, and ensuring that every page is accessible for all abilities.

Creating the right marketing method can take some time, but by utilizing different tactics, you can find a few that can either work together or by themselves, giving you many more options and maximizing your advertising budget. If you need help putting together a solid digital marketing strategy, reach out to Discover Maestro, an agency powered by veterans in the marketing field. 

Photo via Pexels