The Low Vision Store

The Low Vision Store
Vancouver, WA 98684
United States

By Appointment

Everything from magnifiers to the OrCam. Tools to aid folks with low vision and Blindness to help them experience life normally.

The Low Vision Store is a small, independent company that sells the highest quality adaptive technology for low vision independence. They are proud of their customer service and technical support. For nearly two decades, they have carried what they believe are the best devices on the market, also offering a complete line of hand-held magnifiers, television glasses, and reputable used electronic magnifiers. The company takes trade-ins of most working electronic magnifiers for someone seeking to upgrade to one of the new, high-definition reading devices that they carry. They will consider consignments of good condition electronic magnifiers as well.

The Low Vision Store invites individuals, employers, and educators to call them to explore possibilities; much of the company’s work is done over the phone and on the Internet. They also welcome appointments to visit their Vancouver, Washington showroom. Ken and Patty travel throughout the NW region to demonstrate equipment in homes and to groups.

As we finish our second decade in business, I continue to be the primary tester and ultimate beneficiary of Ken’s wide-ranging explorations into new technologies for vision. Ever independent and internationally engaged, often importing products otherwise not available, Ken reaches out further each year for the highest quality and most diverse options in this innovative field of engineering. In portable electronic magnifying devices, for example, we carry more variety and far more useful options than ever before.

I am profoundly lucky that Ken started this venture for me, but it has been our ongoing pleasure to share what we know with people all over the country who find us. Welcome!

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