The Boot Grabber - Motocross and off-road boot carrier

The Boot Grabber - Motocross and off-road boot carrier
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The 'BootGrabber' - Motocross Boot Carrier. Finally, a simple, Mil-Spec-Rugged, waterproof solution to organize, transport and carry your motocross/off-road and adventure boots.
Video of the BootGrabber:

I have been riding dirt bikes my entire life and one of those ‘I wish there was a solution for’ products for me has always been a way to organize, transport and carry my dirt bike boots.
There wasn’t a solution available, so I designed and built one, leveraging my 20+ years of military service and seeing first-hand what worked and IMPORTANTLY, what didn’t work with my military tactical gear. Loading up to go ride with my kids and friends one of the last things I always said was: “be sure to Grab Your Boots!”

•Ultimate dirt bike boot carrier
•Side panel extends below the boot’s internal gaiter along with a 4' overlap, keeping out water and debris during transport, and allows for boot washing while in the carrier and preventing water from getting inside
•Simple on-off design requiring one buckle (no zippers to fail or clog)
•1” main webbing and handle allows the carrier to be hung on a hook in the garage, in your trailer, or use a snap-hook and attach the ‘BootGrabber’ to your gear bag, or hang your boots in the carrier at the car wash to wash them off after your ride (side skirts extend below your boot’s internal gaiter to help keep water out)

•Lifetime warranty (see below)
•Mil-Spec design and materials
•Carrier has been static load tested to over 55 pounds
•1050 ballistic nylon, waterproof and extreme abrasion resistance
•V69 bonded nylon thread, UV protective designed for extreme use and used in tactical military equipment
•1” Duraflex Techno Grab Heavy Duty Buckle on main webbing
•¾” Duraflex Mojave buckle on side panel adjustment strap
•Handmade in USA
•Veteran owned

Why the ‘BootGrabber’?
Dirt bike boots, it seems at times, have a mind of their own:
•They always get separated (in the garage, in the truck/trailer) and you were always looking for ‘the other boot’
•If they were in the back of the truck and it rained going to or coming home from the track, the got soaked inside and wet cold boots at the start of a ride in is NOT fun. Or the joy of realizing that on the way home from your last ride a bunch of mud dropped off your bike and into your boot and has now dried into a solid CLOD, that your toes discover as you in a rush, jam your foot into your boot to go ride (don’t ask me how I know this) – yes special words if the kids aren’t around
•Load your boots into your trailer and they always get separated during transport. Then you are kicking them around while you unload or one of them ‘hides’ under something and pretty soon you are POSITIVE you left a boot at home (another – don’t ask)
•Go riding with a few friends or your kids, then you get to multiply all the ‘wandering and hiding’ boot issues times 10! Earlier in my life I was blessed with the whole family riding off-road, so the joys of getting 6 sets of boots and their gear collected and organized …… well it’s a blessing that has to be experienced.

So, after a year plus of extensive prototype development and testing (impossible without my amazing riding and racing friends in the Pacific Northwest), the ‘BootGrabber’ is here.

‘BootGrabber’ lifetime warranty.
The ‘BootGrabber’ is warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If this product fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship, we will replace the product with an identical product or a reasonable replacement if the identical product is no longer available. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use. Lets be honest, the carrier is gonna have a rough life and that’s how we designed it and why we designed it the way we did and we are confident its gonna survive just about anything normal use can throw at it. Regardless of how carefully you use, or how well you care for your ‘BootGrabber’ product, it will eventually begin to show age and wear.