Tango Foxtrot T-shirt & Vinyl Company

Tango Foxtrot T-shirt & Vinyl Co.
7581 New Bern Hwy Suite F
Maysville, NC 28555
United States

9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

Tango Foxtrot is a T-shirt & Vinyl Company focused on providing business work apparel and marketing products to newly formed and small businesses. As a company, we want to change the way your crew looks and your brand’s presence in your local community.

In 2021, Edward was listening to his small business friends complain about fees and overcharges from there apparel suppliers and realized that upfront pricing, and no hidden set-up fees were needed. He decided to create Tango Foxtrot t-shirt & vinyl company to help other businesses struggling with the same over complicated & confusing apparel needs. Tango Foxtrot T-shirt & Vinyl Company was formed.

We believe in up-front pricing and no hidden fees and quality apparel. We are veteran owned and operated. We understand the need for business to look good from the first impression to life time branding. Tango Foxtrot is trusted by many local small business for their crew apparel and branded items.

Let’s take your business to the next level.
Military Discounts Available
Edward Waltz
7581 New Bern Hwy Suite F
Maysville NC 28555
United States
Tango Foxtrot T-shirt Co Edward Waltz