Strawberry Boudoir Photography

Strawberry Boudoir Photography
Yelm, WA 98576
United States

I am a Boudoir portrait photographer in Tacoma area in Washington State.

If you're unsure, go check out my website, I'm confident in what I do... Be confident in you!

My love for this comes from building confidence in another person by showing them their beauty and uniqueness!

I do Boudoir, Dudoir, Kink, and Erotic photos for all peoples.

There is something so rewarding about seeing and hearing the excitement and pride in my clients when they view their photographs! Hearing phrases like 'Is that really me?' or 'I've never felt so sexy!' or 'They're great!! Definitely turning myself on looking at them!' (hahaha! now THAT is self love!) is such a reward for me!