Spartan Blades

Spartan Blades
625 S.E. Service Road
Southern Pines, NC 28387
United States

As an outdoor cutlery brand, Spartan Blades aims to reinvigorate the sense of pride that comes from owning and carrying a well-designed, finely crafted knife. We hope to inspire unity and self-reliance among our fellow American patriots and like-minded people around the world with our brand. We create “Knives with Intent”; purposely designed for the task and environment. We strive to make all of our knives the trustworthy partner you deserve; to boldly face life’s adventures. You and your Spartan Blade will face life head-on and win! Our knives are crafted to last; to be an heirloom to hand down along with your story to the next generation.

A Brief History of Spartan Blades
Spartan Blades has been blessed by sustained growth and numerous awards for our designs and knives. Although we came from a humble beginning, we continue to make finely crafted knives in a small shop (Our current shop is much bigger than the original "mule barn" location). We are head quartered just outside of Fort Bragg, NC (Home of the Airborne and Special Forces) in Southern Pines, NC. We continually strive to hone our skills and meet or exceed our customers' expectations by providing a finely crafted knife.