11/20/2023  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com

It changed my life.
There are so many things that you do not learn with a 20-year career in the military. It's almost as if I lived in an alternate universe. Some of you know what I mean. The civilian world is different. The business and entrepreneurial world has its own universe. There are some who can help you navigate the business world. Then there are some who can help empty your wallet.
I got this book called "The System" as a gift. I have I figured I needed to learn what this "sales training" was all about. I started reading and never put it down until I was done! I literally had flashbacks of times in my life where I have definitely encountered trained sales people. Most of them had the mindset of "sales equals service" as Eric Lofholm, the book's author teaches.
When 9/11 happened, I knew my life was going to significantly change and we were going to war. I was going to war. After reading this book I realized, my business life is going to change forever. It did. That's a significant comparison and I absolutely mean it to be that way.
I actually ended up hiring Eric as a sales coach and then become a Gold Protege with his Eric Lofholm International where I have helped others achieve success. Now, I am not here to sell my services nor Eric. But I do want to do is encourage you to get this book for free. Read it. You will find it invaluable in business for you and if you have a sales team.
Consider this my Christmas gift to you. It's free. There is nothing better than that.
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