1/22/2023  AVB

As a marketing agency, we have perfected sending leads to our clients. 
Yet, in the past, we have heard some say, "You didn't get us good leads."
Do you know what I hear when people say this?  "I couldn't close the deal." 
Digital marketing today allows us to target and segment potential leads.  We know who they are.
So we started a new program.  We introduce business owners and those in sales with an international sales trainer, Eric Lofholm with Eric Lofholm International.  Before we take a new client, we ensure that our clients get professionally trained on salesmanship so that they and their business team, can close deals.
If you haven't had a professional sales trainer or you have staff that are not trained, it would be advantageous to you to get started.  Best of all, it is affordable and he has a guarantee.
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