7/14/2023  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com
Veterans talk entrepreneurship 

During their military careers, veterans undergo a remarkable transformation in the noble pursuit of protecting and serving their country. The structured environment, camaraderie, and shared purpose instill a profound sense of identity and purpose. Yet, when the time comes to transition into civilian life, many veterans find themselves grappling with the challenge of letting go of the past and fully embracing who they are in the present. It is a transition often marked by uncertainty and doubt. This intricate process is, however, an opportunity for them to discover themselves and recognize the genuine desire of those around them to extend a helping hand. In this episode, Brett Henderson talks with Kevin Bemel about how veterans can let go of the past and fully embrace who they are in the present. Having worked with thousands of civilians and service members to start and fund a business, reach and exceed their career goals, and create flourishing family lives, Kevin also speaks about how he helps military people transition into the civilian world. After being an entrepreneur, Kevin Bemel was a rabbi in the United States Navy. His call sign at the air wing, Rabs, has become his nickname. Kevin is also the President at The Bemel Company, where he helps startup and early-stage companies identify challenges and create solutions, including engaging in critical personnel, arranging strategic relationships, and raising angel and seed capital. Kevin has spent over 30 years in business and 16 years in the United States Navy, including ten years coaching and mentoring job hunters and entrepreneurs. Enjoy!
Engage with Kevin Bemel:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinbemel/
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