Northwest Artist

Northwest Artist
Seattle, WA 98177
United States

I love to find something beautiful and interesting in everything I see. You probably do too…where a falling leaf appears to be choreographed before your very eyes…or the water spray from a car’s wheel going past is like a mini light show….so many fascinating things to see if you take the time to look.

Through creative expression in many mediums I can produce a variety of different designs. Soft pastels, oils, ink, graphite, conte, oil pastels, acrylics, linocut prints, small sculptures, etc…the diversity of methods I like to use alleviates any artistic block I might find myself heading into. Always keeping fresh ideas ready, while my studio is bursting at the seams with projects.

One of my projects is creating portraits of people’s pets. Cats and dogs especially, for it is these loving creatures that we bring into our families. Their lives are much shorter than ours, and yet the years that they spend ever faithful to us are years of true companionship. It is through my portraits that I hope people and their families can fondly remember their pets for many years to come.

I love art and design. All that it stands for, all that it takes to make, and the fact that it is an expression for what one believes to be their truth.

Come to me for your artistic needs, whether it be a portrait or a special commission.