Max Kane Health & Fitness

Max Kane Health & Fitness
4111 Commerce Street Suite 100
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
United States

The Max Kane Way

At Max Kane Health & Fitness we believe in helping others achieve their goals.

As helping a teammate ensures success, our success is measured by that of our clients. We will never leave a client without an educated answer to a question and will strive to always improve our own knowledge, health and lifestyles to lead from the front. We will maintain a professional, supportive and motivated community that works to do better every day.

Our Vision: To have an unmatched, always improving, and inclusive service facility with professional providers who lead the way to cutting edge pain free health and fitness.

Our Mission: We believe that there is a huge misconception in the fitness industry that you must out work an extremely constricted and poorly constructed diet. We want a paradigm shift to occur in the way families approach fitness and nutrition in everyday life.