Marketing Coach

Marketing Coach
Tampa, FL
United States

This is for all the DIY - "Do it Yourself" business owners.

We get it, you like to dig in and get to know all aspects of your business, including marketing.

Maybe you want to know if your marketing person / agency knows what they are doing. After all, no one wants to lose tens of thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn't work. Do you?

Have you hired someone to be your marketing person just because you believe they have a great personality or are "bubbly?" You're not alone and this is a recipe for hard feelings. Sooner or later, you're going to let this person go. It's not fair to them... or you.

You want results. Period.

How do we work?

1. We will do an initial digital analysis of your business online which will tell us your current situation. Normally this is a $350 fee. As a Veteran business, you're getting it for FREE. This report alone can help your business to grow and demonstrates if your marketing person/agency is effective.

2. We will conduct a zoom call to learn more about your overall marketing efforts and goals. We are looking for information such as, do you belong to a local Chamber of Commerce? Do you attend events to promote your business? Do you sponsor anything to promote your business? Are your staff trained in sales? Normally this evaluation is part of our $5000 retainer to hire our agency. As a veteran business owner, it's FREE.

3. We will present a coaching plan based on this analysis to you. You can choose a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly coaching sessions where we advise you on implementing the plan, reviewing any issues or situations that need attention or help. Guide you into the future. Over time, you will have a tremendous amount of knowledge that took us many years of working with many business owners just like you.
No pressure at all. Best of all, we make it affordable for you.

Digital marketing, marketing as a whole is evolving rapidly. 10 years ago, you could get 50,000 followers quickly. Now, it takes more work. Most importantly, technology has rapidly changed as well, just over the last few years. Colleges and Universities aren't teaching what we know.

This comes with some great software that allows you and your team to measure your marketing results and our efforts with you. It is effective and saves you a great deal of money compared to hiring an agency.

Click on the website button above to schedule your first call. Please provide your business name and your website url in the comments section of the scheduler which enables us to launch your digital analysis and have it ready for you by the time of your first meeting.

Your time is valuable. So is ours. We only offer solutions that will help you to be successful. Your success is our success. We guarantee you this, whether you sign up with us or not, there is a small fee to work with us, there is a huge fee of time and money trying to figure out what we already know.