Making Action Happen

Making Action Happen
Washington, D.C., DC
United States


Making Action Happen is a podcast associated with Action 22, a non-profit organization that serves as a voice for action on public policy for 22 southern Colorado counties. Action 22 introduces its audience to Colorado community leaders, elected officials and people to gain perspective on their ideas and experiences.

The hosts discuss topics that have ongoing and immediate impact on the Action 22 communities and by extension similar communities. The purpose is to help people find insight and solutions relevant to what they are working on, regardless of where they are in the world. Veterans who live in rural areas are faced with unique challenges when it comes to health care, benefits and services. The hosts regularly highlight these issues and discuss solutions to improve the quality of life for rural Veterans.

Brian McCain, an Air Force Veteran, and Sara Blackhurst host Making Action Happen, which airs here on the Voice America Network. The podcast is also available on YouTube and major podcast platforms.