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Jody had always been a go-getter. After serving in the military for over a decade, he retired as a decorated veteran. But retirement didn't suit Jody's high-energy personality. He craved action, challenge, and a chance to make a difference. That's when he had a brilliant idea—buying into a painting company franchise!  Entrepreneurship offers that challenge.

Jody had always been passionate about art, and he had a natural talent for wielding a paintbrush. With his military background, he knew how to lead a team and get the job done efficiently. He decided to combine his artistic skills with his leadership experience to create a unique business opportunity.

He assembled a team of talented painters and trained them to deliver exceptional service. Jody's military training came in handy as he instilled discipline and attention to detail into his crew.

His franchise quickly gained popularity, thanks to Jody's relentless dedication and marketing skills he gained for free from Discover Maestro, a national Veteran owned marketing agency. He would often attend local events, promoting his business and proudly sharing his story. People admired his determination and appreciated his commitment to employing veterans.

Jody's success wasn't without its challenges. Like any business, he faced setbacks, difficult clients, and the occasional paint spill. But Jody's resilience and sense of humor saw him through. He would often joke about the time he accidentally painted himself into a corner, saying, "If you can survive combat, you can survive any paint job!"

Word of mouth spread, and soon, Jody's painting company franchise began to expand. Veterans from different parts of the country reached out, wanting to join the team. Jody saw an opportunity to give back even more to his fellow veterans by helping them become successful business owners also. He coached them to success as well.

Jody shared his knowledge, not only about painting but also about the importance of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. His team admired him not just for his business acumen but also for his compassion and willingness to go the extra mile.

Years later, Jody's work had become renowned for its quality work and dedication to hiring veterans. Jody had achieved his goal of making a difference, one stroke of paint at a time.

As he sat back one evening, reflecting on his journey, Jody couldn't help but smile. He had transformed his passion into a thriving business, all while helping his fellow veterans find purpose and success. It was a true stroke of genius.

“Steady Eddie” franchises are businesses that are consistently IN DEMAND. They weather the ups and downs of the economy, the changes in the political landscape, the latest technological innovations and are unaffected by world events. Conservative, risk averse investors LOVE these types of businesses!

Haven’t we all experienced what a difference a coat of paint can make? When I bought my condo, every surface was old-lady-pink. The place was completely TRANSFORMED by two coats of off-white! Data shows that homes get painted every four to seven years. This means residential painting pays and pays and pays plus it adds to the value of real property.

Stay ahead of the SEGMENTATION that is happening in the painting industry by contacting fellow Veteran, Anna Wilds. She helps veterans start franchises such as with Steady Eddie and has quite the success record herself. It’s great to be surrounded by excellence. You can reach Anna at SelectFranchises.com and learn about other franchise opportunities for Veterans.

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