8/2/2022  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com
Trust me, like you, I am disgusted with what is happening around the globe and in America.  Sure, there will be bad guys, but this current stays quo is BS.  We should not have to walk on egg shells to speak or share opinions.  We should not have to worry about nuclear annihilation.  
It's like telling kids to "just be cool like Fonzie" and they don't comprehend what that means.
So at the very least, you can be prepared.  Save money.  Get ready.  Amazon has a kindle unlimited plan.  Get it for at least 30 days and devour as many books as you can.   Then shut it off if you want.  I have been reading survival, farming and preparing like a mad man over the last year.  I am well trained in survival too.  But one has to stay updated.
Read it on your computer, cell phone, kindle of course, etc...
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