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OUR MISSION: To honor the service and sacrifice of military veterans by tirelessly working towards a future where they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We are dedicated to preventing and detecting cancer at its earliest stages through rigorous research, comprehensive education, and accessible medical screening programs. Our commitment to veterans, their families, and our community drives us to provide the knowledge and care needed to ensure a brighter, cancer-free tomorrow for those who have served our nation.

The two decades of conflict has changed the composition of the population seeking medical care within VA facilities and civilian practices. Deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria and Africa have young men and women returning home, with multi-factorial exposures and a wide array of symptoms.

Service members do not deploy unhealthy, but they return with progressive illnesses and worsening symptoms.

As the conflicts in these countries continues, so does the increasingly, alarming rates of cancers, rare illnesses and idiopathic symptoms in our fellow veterans returning home.

As a team consisting of military veterans and medical professionals, we’ve been given a ‘second chance’, we made it home alive. We are committed to giving back to those who served before us, after us and side-by-side with us, by conducting medical research and offering solutions for a better quality of life.

As a tribe we come together to raise awareness for those that have lost their battle with cancer or are currently fighting cancer. Cancer rates within the military community are on the rise and as an organization that focuses on military exposures, we believe that sharing the stories of those impacted can create a culture of change and enhance support for those that are ill.

We encourage you to share your story of a friend, teammate, or family member from the military community that have dealt with cancer.