1/11/2023  AVB

Guts, Smarts & Love; Live Your Life the Army Ranger Way lights a clear and proven path to success in business and in life. A former U.S. Army Ranger-qualified Captain in the Airborne, author Joe Sacchetti highlights extraordinary profiles of everyday heroes called Army Rangers and the leadership principles they embody. You'll laugh with some, cry with some, and learn a little from all of them through the brotherhood of extensive military training and experiences on the battlefield.

  • Learn to uncover your own gut-level fortitude.
  • Think ahead and develop mental checklists for success.
  • Strengthen relationships with your associates, friends and family.

The lessons experienced under gunfire and starvation on the battlefield are yours to glean without the hardships. It's time to lead your life with Guts, Smarts & Love. Start living your life The Army Ranger Way.

A great read.


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