1/30/2023  AVB
When websites came out, business owners literally said, "I don't need a website." Most of them are out of business along with phone books and newspapers.

As the internet grew, social media flourished, it was easy to grow followers, yet business owners said, I don't need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Most of them, are out of business, especially after the pandemic and they had no audience.
Businesses that had email and cell phone number lists absolutely prospered with sales during covid. 

TikTok is out and thriving. It has been for a few years.  Ya, I don't like it and it's like forcing myself to eat lima beans because it's the most nutritious thing in my cupboards. You get the picture, even if it is owned by China and they now know everything about you like Big Brother from 1984.

Who doesn't have their name as a domain name? You. Too late, someone probably already bought YOUR name and their are monetizing it.  

Now AI is here and it's evolving extremely as every single software provider is working around the clock trying to figure out how to incorporate it. It will significantly impact all areas of your life. 
Fast forward to today, January 30th. I hear business owners say, "I'm hiring a marketing person. No qualifications needed." I always cringe when I hear this. I watch as that new hire, flounders, costing the business owner tens of thousand of dollars. Then that new hire starts to grow off of the business owner's pay and marketing spend. Finally that new hire leaves for a bigger business or starts their own agency. They no longer need their "boss." I have watched this hundreds of times.  Or worse, the spouse of the business owner believes that he/she will be the marketing person.  Over time, that spouse slowly neglects crucial marketing aspects as they realize that there is more to it than running a Facebook page and making videos.
Come back for our next article where we show you what to look for when shopping for a marketing agency.  Your business may depend on it. 
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