12/30/2022  AVB

This is 2022... well, maybe we should just call it 2023 since today is the 30th of December. 
If you are like me, I work nationally and online.  Yes, I network locally but I am new to this Florida community after moving from Washington State.
I do many Zoom meetings.  Maybe some have issues with Zoom but I need systems that will always work without issues.  A missed meeting can mean a missed opportunity.
But along with zoom meetings, I have zoom record them so that I can refer back to the meeting and ensure that I didn't miss anything.   This can be quite the pain going back to review a meeting, especially if it is 30 minutes or longer.
Recently I was introduced to software called Firefly.  I have seen others use this and always put it on the "things to take a look at" list.  Well, over Thanksgiving I took the time to get a demo. 
Rather than me typing away to show you Firefly, watch the video below.  Of note, transcribing and being able to search the notes is something I believe everyone could use.  Best of all, it's very affordable.
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