Commercial Drone Services for Private, Commercial, and Government Industries

Commercial Drone Services for Private, Commercial, and Government Industries
Lacey, WA
United States

High Impact Drone Services, Inc. is opening in April 2019!<br /><br />High Impact Drone Services, Inc. performs a wide variety aerial services for the private, commercial, and government industries... to include, but not limited to: real estate, commercial, construction, and event aerial photography and videography services; inspections of cell towers, power lines, roads and bridges, aircraft; agricultural crop mapping and thermal imaging; mapping and surveying; first responder support, including search and rescue assistance; damage assessments and accident and insurance investigations; aerial thermal and infrared imaging of roofing, solar panels, and oil refineries; conservation surveillance for river erosion and wildlife tracking; port ship and container inspections; military, government, tribal, and commercial aerial services; and aerial disaster monitoring and surveillance. There is an ever increasing list of services being offered.<br /><br />We are certified by the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) as a 100% disabled Veteran owned business and registered in the System for Award Management for obtaining government contracts. We are FAA Part 107 compliant as a licensed UAS pilot.<br /><br />Call us at (833) DRONEHI (376-6344) or send an email to [email protected] to receive your estimate today!<br /><br />