Call Tracking for Marketing

Call Tracking for Marketing
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Do you advertise in print? How do you know if your ad is effective and you are getting a return on investment (ROI)?

If you advertise in print, that publication should be advising you on how to track your advertising.

Call tracking is one of them. You can learn which advertising platforms brings you the most leads.

Simple Pop quiz - You have two publications that you are advertising in (a & b)

With call tracking publication (a) = brings in 0 calls

Publication (b) = brings in 300 calls

Which publication is bringing you more of a ROI? If you don't know how those calls are coming in, you could be wasting thousands of dollars each year.

Call tracking should be used on both print and digital advertising. How does it work?

You use a special phone number for your ads, social media and website. It is that simple but there is more.

You can do much more with call tracking now.

You can incorporate your text messages so that they are all in one dashboard and calls and texts are tracked for each customer.

You can manage your sales force and review their salesmanship to refine closing deals.