12/13/2023  AmericanVeteranBusiness.com

The ammunition market is bracing for a significant challenge in 2024, primarily due to an anticipated global shortage of gunpowder and increased costs from suppliers. Vista Outdoor, a major player in the ammunition and gunpowder industry, has announced substantial price increases for its products starting January 1, 2024. This decision is a response to the expected shortage and increased supplier costs. The price hike will affect a range of products, including shotshells, rifle, handgun, 22LR/Shorts, WMR/HMR ammunition, primers, and Alliant Powder, with increases ranging from 1-7% for ammunition and 5-10% for gunpowder​.

Similar trends of increased ammunition demand and hoarding behavior have been observed in past crises, such as the 2008 financial recession and the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. With the upcoming shortage and price hikes, there's an anticipated spike in panic buying and hoarding, which can exacerbate the scarcity and market strain​.

The shortage and price increases are also linked to ongoing global events and military engagements, which put a strain on the supply of components available for civilian use. Recent incidents, like a black powder explosion in Louisiana, have demonstrated the fragility of the supply chain in the firearms industry. Furthermore, the war in Ukraine and other conflicts are contributing to the increased demand for ammunition, which affects both commercial cartridge production and the reloading market​​​​.

In light of these challenges, it's important for consumers to be mindful of their purchasing habits. Responsible buying during shortages can help ensure broader availability and mitigate market strain. Consumers are advised to communicate with retailers about stock availability, refrain from bulk purchases during shortages, and consider diversifying firearm calibers to reduce dependence on specific ammo types that might be more affected by the shortages and price hikes​.

But then, right now may be a good time to stock up, just in case. 

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