Better Protectors

Better Protectors
10676 Colonial Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33913
United States


You want to protect yourself and your family. We can help you do that. Our goal is to help you become a Better Protector in the context of your life. Better Protectors was founded with the goal of bringing quality training to law-abiding people and organizations. We believe that being a Protector is more than just learning to shoot or earning a belt in a martial art. A well rounded Protector can protect themselves, provide medical aid to others (or themselves), has made their home a harder target and has developed their situational awareness to possibly avoid danger before it happens.If becoming trained in the skills needed to protect yourself and your family sounds like the next step for you, we can help you gain those skills. Better Protectors wasn't created to train special operations soldiers to shoot while rapelling through a window or to teach explosive breaching to SWAT teams. We exist to help law-abiding people who want to be able to take an active role in protecting themselves, their families and their co-workers. Our training is relevant and will fit in the context of your life, whether at home, at work or at church.